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Enade Sverige undersöker: Vapensystem till Ukraina?

Skall Sverige skicka vapensystem till Ukraina?

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Asteroid Nibiru
Asteroid Nibiru

Sweden is not Ukraine.Sweden must ensure its security but not interfere in conflicts between other countries. I'm Russian, I'm from Russia. It was not Russia that started the conflict in Ukraine, but the West. Now the West has drawn several European countries into this conflict, as a result of which the economies of these countries, including Sweden, are being destroyed. Russia did not attack Ukraine. This is what the Western press writes. Russia has launched a special military operation to protect Russian residents of Donbass from the Ukrainian regime


Nils Svantesson
Nils Svantesson

dom två viktigaste frågorna i världen just nu..........ja till .tjänstemannaansvaret samt nej tillvapnen till ukraina

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